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நமது முரசு 11-6-2012

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  1. Amudha
    June 14th, 2012 at 10:00 | #1

    I had read your news about “Pathiriaithuraiyil Kazhisadaikal”. Article is good. What I thought and feel has come in your paper. Please take proper action to remove these Kazhisadaikal in your department. I am wondering why government has not taken any steps against them. Every one knows these people are Criminals and all also know about that they are threatening the VIP’s and Industries, but why there is no action against them. Why CM & Collector keep queit? Everyone knows that they are Duplicate Journalist, without having RNI , only having the title verification letter from Delhi, they start publishing their paper, (Truly said they are not papers, just a notice in big and in paper size.) Please take appropriate action to remove the criminals from Journalist department. Expecting your action very soon.

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